How to stop forgetting, falling into a stupor and being held hostage to emotions

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We read 2 powerful books that will help you understand how our brains work and what you really need to do to feel healthy and fulfilled.

“It’s just some kind of stupor” Takashi Tsukiyama

In this book, the author, a practicing Japanese physician and medical doctor, talks about how to pull yourself together, deal with emotions, and direct the resources of the brain in the right direction. Tsukiyamma offers the most working approach – minimum theory, maximum practice. You can safely open a random page and find some useful recommendation for yourself that you can immediately apply in life. For example, something bothers you, disturbing thoughts that do not understand where they come from. Tsukiyama recommends doing a little analysis and getting information out of the brain, putting it into a visible form, physically interacting with the information – as an example, writing everything down on paper. When we analyze, we are in control. When we are in control, we are able to reason in cold blood. The truth of the Japanese samurai, with which it is very difficult to argue. Or here’s another of the current. Serotonin levels are relatively low at night, so it is much more difficult for the brain to inhibit emotions, and we are more likely to succumb to extremes in our reasoning. In general, we definitely recommend this not very long, but useful book!

“Love Your Brain” by Daniel Amen

This author’s book is more detailed. There are a lot of substantive facts, and for all occasions. You will learn how to make the brain make the best decisions, what food is needed to improve memory, how to develop mental flexibility, and what physical exercises can help fight depression. The book is full of practical advice. We turn to a random page and we see a useful recommendation: don’t back down in the face of other people’s anger just because you feel uncomfortable. Many people agree with the irritable person just to avoid their anger. Unfortunately, this will only push him to act even more aggressive towards you. People treat us the way we let them do it. Be persistent in the face of someone else’s anger, do not yield to the interlocutor just because you are afraid, say what you think is right. It doesn’t take long to explain that good relationships with other people directly affect the functioning and health of our brains. Therefore, be sure to read the book by Daniel Amen to understand all the intricacies of the work of your mind.

And one more piece of advice. Already from us. Read only good and useful books. Read every day. And we will help you with this!

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