Discover how fast, robust and versatile a biogas analyser can be

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When you need analysis equipment, you need it to be easy to operate and fully automated. In this way, you know your analyses will be done with high-quality analysers. GAS has over 40 years of experience with the development of biogas analysers for various markets. If you need a biogas analyser for your applications, make sure to contact their experts for more information on the development and production process of the analytical equipment.

What kind of components should you discuss with your developer?

As GAS is a Preferred Solution Partner from Thermo Scientific in the area of biogas analyser development, you are certain of high quality and optimal performance. You can discuss which components suit your needs best. Their biogas analyser is available on Thermo Trace GC 1300 and CompactGC. However, you have the possibility to have different configurations developed. Would you rather have a single valve detector instrument or do you have more need for a comprehensive multichannel analyser? Whatever it is you need, GAS engineers will develop it for you. System configuration is dependent on:

  • Components of interest
  • Required accuracy
  • Preferred analysis time

In addition, every biogas analyser from GAS complies with standardised methods such as GPA (2261, 2177, 2186, 2286), ISO (6974, 6975) and ASTM (D1945, D1946, D6228). This is necessary so you are ensured of a safe working environment.

Schedule an appointment with one of GAS’ worldwide dealers

Scheduling an appointment with an expert on the development of a biogas analyser may be wise when you need such equipment. Their unique approach to the Interscience uses guarantee companies in Energy, Refinery, Chemical or Environmental markets of high-quality equipment that does what it is supposed to do. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment to discuss the possibilities, do not wait any longer. You can find the contact information in the website of GAS.
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